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PUNO capital of Peruvian folklore

Location: The Puno region is located southeast of the country in the Collao.
Capital: Puno, on Lake Titicaca.
Altitude: 3.827 m. S.n.m.
Average annual temperature, Puno City: 10 C (22 C Maximum and Minimum of 2 C). The rainy season is from December to April.
Air: Daily flights from Lima to Juliaca (1.45 hrs.) And Arequipa Arequipa or Cusco to Puno 20 minutes approx.)
Terrestrial: All day

From Lima Travel 22 hours (1540.65 miles)
From Cusco travel 07 hrs (394 Km)
From Arequipa travel 05 hours (294 Km)
From Bolivia 06 hour trip (330 km)


It is located southeast of Peru in the Collao Plateau. In this department houses the highest lake in the world: Titicaca. It has geographical units such as the Andes, representing approximately 70% of the departmental and consists of the highlands, hills, mountains and intermediate areas. The forest, which represents 25% of its territory is sparsely populated and poorly integrated into the economy department. The region's climate is cold and dry, with a 4-month rainy season.

In the jungle the climate is warm temperate. Water resources are constituted by Lake Titicaca, 50 lakes and more than 300 rivers. There is also significant potential for groundwater.

The main attraction is Lake Titicaca Puno, located in the Collao Plateau. It is the highest navigable lake in the world, with 193 km. long and 64 km. wide with a maximum depth of 300 meters. Its waters offer rich on fish. It has a large and harsh landscape, the impressive peaks of the Cordillera Real lend an atmosphere of mystery. It is said that the Uros people of great physical strength to live on artificial islands, are descendants of the world's oldest race.

Some noteworthy monuments are the Cathedral, El Balcon del Conde de Lemos, Arc Deustua, the Municipal Gallery, the Museum Dryer and Folk Art Museum. A 30 Km. Puno, capital of the department, are the Sillustani Burial Towers, which were tombs of chiefs hatuncollas (big men), and many other vestiges of ancient cultures that inhabited the region.

It can be said that the Department of Puno in Peru was always loyal, always striving to be a factor in harmony with our Bolivian brothers in pursuit of a rational and equitable use of the resources of Lake Titicaca.
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