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Social Responsability

Travel Agency "INCA PERU TRAVEL ADVISOR" we aim to help local communities in need. We realize that we live in a third world country and and there are people with many needs that have fewer opportunities than to support remote communities of our region.

With the support of our friends and colleagues and Travel Agency INCA PERU TRAVEL ADVISOR could this community. We know this will not solve all the challenges facing this community, but we think it is a good start and a way to promote smiles during the Christmas season and maybe make your daily life a little easier.

We also encourage our customers to save some room in your luggage to bring something to help these poor communities. These precious elementosa can be as simple as a shirt, a pair of socks, a cap of a pair of shoes these elements are helpful. Educational materials are always appreciated too. Notebooks, pens or pencils, rulers, glue, etc ... are local favorites. If you really want to be a rock star ... bring a calculator!.

We want to thank you for helping us in our efforts to improve the lives of poor ommunities estasc and hope they can improve the quality of their lives and you will be the main protagonist to help in any way you can. God has blessed us all and maybe we can help share this blessing with others. Thanks!.
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